Faq's et Myths associated to Gel Nails

Faq's and Myths associated
to Gel Nails


Do nails breathe?
Should we cut the cuticles?
Does nail varnish last longer in the fridge??

Nails4’Us helps you put an end
to myths associated to gel nails.

Do nails breathe?

Nails do not breathe. However, they receive oxygen by means of the blood vessels at the base of the nail.
Nails are made up of protein dead cells and hard keratin.
Nails start growing from the matrix which develops cells called keratobyalin.
These, in turn, are responsible for strengthening nails as soon as they appear in the cuticle area.

Does drinking a lot of milk and dairy products rich in calcium strengthen weak nails?

Drinking exaggerated amounts of milk or eating products rich in calcium does not mean nails will be stronger.Being generally well-nourished, especially with regard to suitable proteins, is the only way to your body's general well-being and especially to having strong nails!

Should we cut our cuticles?

The cuticle is the eponychium.It is the matrix and its live tissue's natural protection.
So, whenever you cut your cuticles you may be giving way to infections that can sometimes be quite serious.
For example, when cuticles are badly cut there is a much higher chance of thick skin growth in that area.
Before dealing with cuticles, you should always apply a skin softener to them, such as Nails4’Us's CUTIREMOVER and let it act for a few minutes so as to soften the cuticle.Then, all you have to do is push the cuticle back.
Only the small dead skin over the nail should be removed.Also, keep nails moisturized!Try our CUTISERUM
or the VITAPLUS+ vitamin complex.

Do artificial nails damage natural nails beyond repair?

Nails4’Us products are of such high quality that the nail technician will not have to polish your own natural nail too much to ensure that the products adhere properly.Removing artificial nails should never cause pain as a suitable technique is used to remove them.In most cases, when nails are damaged it’s because the so-called nail professionals have not had sufficient training, and do not have technical knowledge and experience.Natural nails should not be thinner once the artificial nails have been removed unless, of course, they were already so before the gel was applied.Never remove artificial nails yourself as you may cause serious damage – always refer to experienced professionals.

Are nail products with chemicals harmful to your health?

In the beauty and cosmetics industry there are no products completely free from chemical components.Not even purified water is!There are no completely natural or biological products, which are now often mentioned, unless there is a laboratory that can show evidence and proof of this with certified MSDS documentation.

Should artificial nails be periodically removed to let natural nails “have a rest”?

As long as you are happy with the quality of the work and the quality of the products applied, there is no reason why you should have your artificial nails removed periodically.In fact, this should be avoided because if it is not done by professionals, removing them can seriously damage your natural nails.So, nail professionals should inform their clients about the best way to treat, care for and maintain their nails up to the nextsession and avoid, for example, hitting them or letting them grow too long.

Does nail varnish last longer in the fridge?

Using a nail varnish regularly and putting it in the fridge will make no difference to how long it lasts.But if, on the other hand, you do not use it regularly, it will gradually thicken.What really directly influences how long your nail varnish will last is how you close the bottle and how you use it.
Nail technicians should avoid having the bottle on the table; they should keep it in their hand all the time, close to the client's hand, and work swiftly and quickly.In this way, the bottle will not be open for very long and the components that ensure the varnish has the right thickness and fluidity will not evaporate.

Does putting your nails under cold water help the varnish to dry quicker?

Cold water will not help the varnish dry quicker! Varnish needs time for its solvents to evaporate and, consequently, for the varnish to dry.That is why warm air is often used. In this case, yes we are encouraging the varnish to dry quicker with warm air.