Unhas de Gel

The flexible, adaptable, and
long-lasting material that keeps
your nails perfect. Always!

Gel Nails

The result of their countless advantages, gel nails have become more and more popular among women.

Find out about the Gel
and the reasons for its growing success.
Understand what makes Nails4’Us the leading
brand on the nail
beauty market.

What is the Gel and what advantages
does it have to offer?

The Gel is a thin layer that is sculptured over your own
nail giving it the shape you want.
It is flexible, totally adaptable, odourless material which protects and does not damage your nails. It is long-lasting and its strongest characteristic is its natural look.

What care do the Nails4’Us nails need?

None. This is one of the many advantages of the Nails4’Us nails. Once applied all you have to do is go back to any one of our centres for a regular monthly maintenance
of your nails.

Why should we look after our nails?

Our hands can be very important in the many roles played in life, either for professional or for personal reasons.
They mirror the importance we give to how we look and how we look after ourselves.Our hands are a privileged means of communication and expression and help us improve our self-esteem and well-being.

Are there gel nails for men?

Of course. Men are more and more aware of the way they look. The clear Nails4’Us gel means that men can also make the most of the gel and have perfect nails.

Doesn’t using UV rays during application
damage the skin?

Not at all. The intensity of our machines’ UV rays
is minimum; lower than the rays we are subject
to every day from the sunlight.

Why do application and maintenance take so long?

Gel nails application and maintenanceare manual processes during which stylists have to go through complex procedures.
Why? For perfect nails! Always!