About Us

Pioneers in the nail bar concept and shops specialized in gel nails

Nowadays, taking care of your nails is asmall investment
in looking good and something that nearly all women believe should not be overlooked.

Aware of this new reality, Nails4'Us has been investing in the gel nails technology, providing its clients with a wide range of products and services. This, together with its exclusive locations, has conquered an ever-growing number of clients.

Nails4’Us currently has over 20 units in Portugal and Madeira.
In March 2006, Nails4’Us opened its first units outside Portugal – in Madrid, Spain.

There are currently more than 20 units in Spain and one in Angola.
Several units are expected to open this year.

Nails4’Us only uses its own brand. Manufactured in Europe, Nails4’Us products are of the highest quality and are distributed exclusively through its franchising network.


Institutional Video

Present in Portugal, Spain and Angola, Nails4'Us continues to grow with the prec-ision, attention and passion for which it has always been known.
Get to know its philosophy and the caring and paedagogical manner with which it has established itself on the market.


Nails4'Us in the Press

Strongly implemented in the market, Nails4'Us franchisees can be assured that the brand is present in publicity and in the editorials in the main women’s magazines.
See some of the articles and campaigns that have marked its history here.