The Nails4’Us skin jewels make your body the most precious asset

Inspired in the exotic Shanghaior Madame Butterfly’s elegance, with glitter details and Swarovski crystals.

The new Nails4’Us skin jewels with glitter
details and Swarovski crystals can be used
as a temporary tattoo or as a Fashion accessory applied onto one of your favourite accessories or items of clothing.Available in four colours, they promise to bring shine and sophistication
to your life.

Nails4Us Skin Jewel White


Nails4Us Skin Jewel Black


Nails4Us Skin Jewel silver


Nails4Us Skin Jewel Gold


Alhambra / RRP: 14.90 EUR

Brazilia / RRP: 9.90 EUR

Cleopatra / RRP: 14.90 EUR

Geisha / RRP: 14.90 EUR

Love / RRP: 15.90 EUR

Magic Lotus / RRP: 9.90 EUR

Marbella / RRP: 15.90 EUR

Queen Victoria / RRP: 9.90 EUR

Rocker / RRP: 15.90 EUR

Sheherazade / RRP: 14.90 EUR

Zephyr / RRP: 9.90 EUR

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