Tarot Collection

The magic and mysticism related with
the Tarot has served as inspiration for
the latest collection of Nails4´Us colours.

Coleção Tarot
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This Fall Nails4´Us will launch its new enigmatic collection of colours based on Tarot cards.

Six intriguing colours related with the game´s mystery and future predictions.

The Star / The Devil / The World / The Empress / The Sun / The Moon

Believing that each colour will inspire the women that wears it, Nails4´Us challenges them to make their own choice based on
the meaning of each letter.

Nails4us - Tarot - The Star

The Star

Nails4us - Tarot - The Devil

The Devil

Nails4us - Tarot - The World

The World

Nails4us - Tarot - The Empress

The Empress

Nails4us - Tarot - The Sun

The Sun

Nails4us - Tarot - The Moon

The Moon

Macic Stones
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With a lot of magic to attract Luck, Fortune, and Love, Nails4´Us launched the 2012 Magic Stones Collection.

Each colour contains a special message,
to wear it like a lucky charm with magical powers.

The belief in precious stones, talismans and lucky charms comes from the Ancient Times. Its function is to attract good luck, to protect and maintain the confidence of the person who carries them.
They are usually used near the person’s body.
If faith in amulets doesn’t have a certain magic truth
in it , this belief would already have been diluted over
the centuries.

Nails4us - Àgata


Nails4us - Azurite


Nails4us - Barita


Nails4us - Sulphur


Nails4us - Quartz


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For Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Nails4’Us has a palette of seven colours full of glamour.

An irresistible range of colours inspired
on the seven deadly sins, which will make your day!

Strong, feminine and irreverent, the shades presented
are worthy of note for their diversity, working as a perfect complement to any look.
Pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, or lust: choose the sin you identify with the most.Find freedom and let yourself go. Let yourself be carried away by your most basic instincts and reveal yourself… Love yourself, pamper yourself, care for yourself and never forget your nails – your best visiting card.


Pride | Nº 2054


Greed | Nº 2053


Sloth | Nº 2049


Lust | Nº 2058


Envy | Nº 2056


Wrath | Nº 2060


Gluttony | Nº 2052

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